CNBC – Freemasons see young blood as key to survival

It’s out with the old at the Freemasons as the international society looks to boost the numbers of young people joining its ranks as it works to survive in the modern world.

Founded in the 19th century in Europe before being exported to the U.S. and worldwide, freemasonry is also known as “the craft,” in homage to its roots in stonemasonry.

It portrays itself as a “fraternal society” where its members support one another, providing a space for like-minded people to socialize at “lodges” and carry out charitable works, while enabling its six million members worldwide to improve themselves on a moral level.

Famous Freemasons have included presidents and prime ministers, from Winston Churchill in the U.K. and George Washington in the U.S. and famous businessmen such as Henry Ford and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Mozart and Buzz Aldrin were also members.

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